Group Suggests ‘Schock Waves’ in Illinois Special Election

Most Democratic strategists probably couldn’t name their party’s nominee in the upcoming race for Illinois’ 18th District, or even remember that there is a special election on September 10. But one not-for-profit group is trying to gin up interest in a possible historic outcome, even as the final result is likely to be pretty routine.

Rob Mellon sounds like it could be the name of a band featuring White Zombie’s frontman covering Blind Melon songs. In reality, Mellon is an Army veteran, high school history teacher and the Democratic nominee against Republican Darin LaHood in the race to replace former GOP Rep. Aaron Schock.

“Will ‘Schock’ waves jolt 18th District Special Election into Action on Campaign Finance Reform?” asked a press release over the weekend from, a “not-for-profit vehicle” that “allows” candidates to campaign with dramatically less money if they agree to fundraising or spending caps.

“Capping fundraising was a no-brainer for me, because fundraising is perhaps the thing I like the least about politics,” Mellon said in the release. Candidates who enjoy spending time raising money are as rare as people who can name a second Blind Melon song. But the Democrat’s noble stance is also convenient, since he isn’t likely to come anywhere near the cap.

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